Pimp my email

What the FAQ

Email basics

Pimp my email is the easiest way to get a professional email address.

A professional email address = hello@pimpmyemail.com

An unprofessional email address = pimpmyemail@gmail.com

A professional email address is an email address that you can fully customise to suit your brand. You choose what goes before and after the “@”. We chose hello@pimpmyemail.com because our social media handle is @pimpmyemail

You might choose hello@arianawatson.com because your social media handle is @arianawatson

We’ve made it simple:

1 – Check availability for your desired email address. Most people choose
hello@yourusername.com but you can choose whatever suits you! 

2 – Create an account.

3 – Integrate with your devices and start using your shiny new email address.

Emailing brands from a personal email address like @gmail.com or @yahoo.com is unprofessional.

Ask yourself, which email address gives you more confidence in us?

pimpmyemail@gmail.com or hello@pimpmyemail.com

When a company is choosing between two similar influencers, they will choose to work with the one using a professional email address because that influencer has shown that they take their business seriously.

All companies and most successful influencers use a professional email address. You’ll get more opportunities if you show that you take your business as seriously as they do.

Professional email addresses are unique and there is only ever one of each ‘domain’ (the bit after the @)

For example hello@arianawatson.com – ‘arianawatson.com’ is the domain.

A professional email address which matches your social media username doesn’t just look great – it builds trust with the brands you are communicating with and more businesses will start to recognise you as a serious influencer.


$5 a month. Billed at $60/year. This includes:

  • An email address like you@yourusername.com
  • A free domain name like yourusername.com (up to the value of $13.50/year)
  • Large 10GB storage.
  • Anti-spam protection.
  • Privacy and security features

We accept all major credit cards & Paypal.

You are entitled to cancel at any time, and your membership will finish at the end of the current billing period.

You will still be able to use your professional email until the end of the purchased year. We cannot offer refunds once the email has been purchased. And your email address will be made available to someone else when your membership finishes.


The domain is the bit after the @ and is only available once – just like your social media username. We’ll include it for FREE in your membership.

No – once you purchase your email you will own the domain (the bit after the @).

Only you will be able to use it during the period of your membership.

If someone searches your domain ‘example.com’ on the internet we have a redirect in place to show them your social media profile 😉

The technical stuff

You’ll get 10GB storage for your mailbox which is plenty of space. However if you do need more, you can upgrade to a whopping 25GB for just $1 a month.

Yes! You can integrate your professional email with your existing Gmail account 😃 

Check out our easy installation guides here.

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